Alongside the How Researchers Changed the World podcast, we’ve developed two 12-week learning programs for researchers. Whether you’re an early career researcher embarking on your first article, or a mid-career researcher juggling competing pressures, we have a program for you.

Helping you discover how your research can change the world, they’re designed to help you supercharge your research career and boost your impact.

When you sign up you’ll receive a chapter via email each week. You can then explore the chapter at the time that works best for you. Over 12 weeks those chapters will build into an indispensable guide you can continue to use throughout your research career.

Stick with the program for the full 12 weeks and you’ll also receive an invite to one of our bootcamps, running later this year, providing in-person training and networking opportunities. More information about these coming soon.


The complete guide to getting your research published and establishing your research profile.

With our program for early-career researchers you can master the process of publishing and promoting your research. The program contains everything you need to know to get your research published in an academic journal, including:

  • Choosing a journal
  • The peer review process
  • Boosting your profile after publication
  • And everything in between.

You’ll also supercharge your career with key skills for research, from communication to presentation to networking and more.


The go-to guide for managing mid-career challenges, boosting the impact of your published work, and enhancing your research profile.

For the mid-career researcher, our program builds on your existing knowledge and experience to help make publishing your work and building your profile more efficient. This lets you spend more time focusing on the research itself and what matters to you.

You’ll also discover how your research can change the world, with advice on boosting the impact of your research with:

  • Making connections to policy-makers
  • Boosting your online visibility using SEO and keywords
  • Working with journalists.

Our 12-week learning programs have been developed with support from the team at global research publisher Taylor & Francis Group, drawing on its over 200 years of experience.

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